Designing a Travel Journal

From Workbook to Work of Art

For a recent project, I re-imagined the design of a highly informative (not to mention heavy) travel guide in order to turn it into a combination workbook and travel journal.

The Challenge

First, the travel guide and journal were separate, so trip participants had to carry around both—not an ideal situation when you’re trying to keep your backpack light. Second, a journal with blank pages may be okay for some, but if you’re like me, a few writing prompts can help immensely. 

Mapping Out a Plan

Now that I had in mind an idea for a journal complete with writing prompts, I asked myself a few questions about how to go about it:

  • What does the tour company want their participants to take away from their experiences?
  • What were the highlights of my own trips?
  • What type of notes would I want to refer back to for later study?
Sketching the idea.

Sketching the idea.

The Result: A Travel Journal inspired by bullet journals

Taking inspiration from the organization and brevity of bullet journal* writing, I designed journal pages to add to the end of the workbook that would help trip participants describe their experiences and observations. The left page records the events of the day while the right page digs deeper into the experience.

*If you've never heard of bullet journals, head over to this Buzzfeed article.

The finished product: a bullet journal-inspired travel log.